Gregies was started in December 1982 with a purpose of servicing and selling small engine based machines like walk behind lawn mowers and snow blowers in Saint Paul.

Gregies started off as a family owned business and still remains a family owned business.

The owners of Gregies, Gregory Bauer and his wife Lois Bauer form the entire team of management and staff giving Gregies a unique advantage of having not to deal with problems like employee turn over, etc. In return customers get excellent service as they are in touch with the owners directly and that has reflected in excellent customer loyalty for Gregies. Gregies is one of the few family owned business left in the area.

Greg had been fixing small engines since he was 12 years old and never wanted to work for any one. Greg enjoys fixing engines and does not treat it like a JOB.

Greg's passion with small engines was reflected in his recent tour of India. Most tourists were busy looking at Taj Mahal at Agra and guess what, Greg was more busy inspecting a lawn mower on the historical lawns of Taj Mahal!!!


Current Services offered by Gregies