Free Advice

Always use fresh gas. Gas from your equipment (if not too old) can be put in into the car.

Check area to before mowing for rocks, metal, rope, kids toys, gardening tools, etc.

Use alcohol free gas. (No Methanol or any other alcohol. Very few gas stations have it.)

Keep engines full of right kind of oil. Half full is also half empty !!!

Don't let small children or pets around running equipment.

Start equipment once a week when not in use, to keep everything ready to go.

Run the gas out of your equipment that will not be used till next season.

Start up equipment prior to needing to use it.

If you don't know what you are doing, don't mess with it. 50,000 people a year are injured.

Bring in your equipment for a seasonal check up or tune up to be safe and ready for use.